Friday, January 2, 2009

Update, Dumpdate


New Years went well for dinner at Sushi Japan Yakiniku Boy. We had 10 for the food frenzy with four couples and the Eldest and her new friend. Food was good as always, but some of the folks were not keen on the Sushi so much. The service was a little lacking. The waitress didn't come by the table for drink orders all that much, which surprised me, and she had a bit of an attitude which was a bit of downer. I didn't eat the most that night, I think that went to James with Brian a close second. Good times were had and that is what is important.

That evening we came home and The Other Half hit the sack. I had to stay up for a few hours so I played an old computer game called "Chris Sawyer's Locomotion". I know this game is ancient in game terms, being published 2004 and all, plus it shuns the 3D engine, instead using the 2D isometric graphics, but I can play that game for hours and hours. I guess I'm funny like that.

No real world gaming developments to speak of. The Eldest and I played a few rounds of RftG, I'm trying to bribe some of the single guys with dinner to come over and play with four or five players, but not much luck so far.

I also picked up the Wasteland II base set from Dragon Forge Design. I'm planning on getting a new Cygnar Army and re-basing some older models. The Plan is to theme it off of a more High Plains Drifter feel with dirty/dusty browns. Kraye and Striker (Alt) are the first to get the treatment, plus I will betting some new figs like Black 13, Strangeways, Ol'Rowdy... You get the idea.

I had today off, since the building was going to be empty. I spent the day doing Honey Do's and getting my new e-Bay batch up. Got to keep my gaming budget supplied don't ya know.

I'll post about Rob's game tomorrow night. I have no idea what is going on, so hopefully, I won't be a stick in the mud! :)

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