Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Full House and Slumdogs...


On Saturday the entire gang got together, with all in attendance. New faces included Kaz'nak the Dragonborn Paladin, on his quest to assist Zoltan the Reformed on his mission to save the, ah, slaves.

Having returned to the Seven Pillared Hall, the party too the opportunity to take a much needed extended rest after vanquishing the Bloodreavers. Before departing the Bloodreavers lair, Sliver found a gold coin with the symbol that looked like the one that was left when his family was killed. Upon regaining their abilities, amazing what a good six hours will do, the local enforcer, Brugg stated that the 'Wizard on Call' wanted to speak to them. Seems one of their own has gone missing and given the teams outstanding abilities was wondering if they could lend a hand!

With a new quest to add to the ever growing pile, the team heads out on the heels of the Duergar that had purchased the captured slaves the party headed out in search of the Duergar's lair. Following the Road of Shadows, the team decides to take the path lest traveled. A quick encounter with a pack of hungry hyenas was followed by the meeting of a Troglodyte party. This one didn't go so easy. The Trogs had brought an Angle of Torog that helped make some bloody attacks. Some of the 'younger' characters spent daily powers and were very low on surges, but resting in the open hall, was just not an answer. so the party continued to explore.

Back tracking they found a door down one corridor and beat in the door. A few Orcs and an Ogre are surprised and battle ensues, but once the players get the upper hand, the last Orc flees and gets the Duergar's boss and his posse. This battle, without a chance to reload the encounter powers, is a long and bloody ordeal, but the party does prevail.

I had to leave a bit early so I left them hanging, many in need for an extended rest to go up a level, let alone get their powers back. Be sure to check in later! :)

On Sunday, The Other Half and I went to go see Slumdog Millionaire. The film was wonderfully directed and acted. The children actors were outstanding in their performances. The older versions of the characters were very good as well. It is a drama/love story but still very entertaining. It is a great 'date night' movie, or one to see if you like good cinema. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 Illegal Taj Mahal Tours.

Next week is the WM/HD/MonPoc tournament extravaganza in The Game Shoppe. Be sure to swing by and say 'hey!'.

Jai Ho Boggier

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