Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sick and Tierd


I lie here in bed typing this post. I feel like crud. If I hadn't been committed to the events yesterday, I would have spent yesterday in bed. I am positive I got at least six other folks sick yesterday by just being near them.


The events went well. At 10am we kicked off the Steamroller v4 500 point tournament. 12 players was a solid turn out with three folks from Lincoln making the trip. Even P3 showed and he brought/forced his new girl friend to play... What a gentlemen. Highlight was most likely Joshua from Lincoln playing Montenabra Cryx with DJ and Canker combo. He won three of his four games on turn two. Nasty combo. Would have one the fourth, but the small based shreadder blocked the charge lane. Nasty combo. Hooker won again, with Greg from Lincoln coming in second and Joshua coming in third. Good battles. Painting went to Phillip and best sport was tied between Adam and Whitney. Adam, as a true sporting gentlemen, let Whitney take the T-Shirt.

MonPoc also had 12 players, which is a pretty good turn out. We only needed three rounds as a we had one undefeated at that time. The prizes were the Mega Armodex (-5 for spelling) and shadow Exlopdiehawks. Greg from Lincoln one that event, with Scott from Lincoln taking second. Lots of fun, good play by all in attendance.

I'm back to bed. Feel like snot. ugh.


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