Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First update of the year


Hope you all had a good and safe New Year.  Last Saturday, Steve and Suzanne invited me over for some boardgames and food.  I got to play a few games during that time and it was in general a good evening.

First up was a non-league game of Formula D.  Suzanne's friend Patrick and his son Jake along with Steve and I ran a two lap Monte Carlo.  Patrick did a solid job of hitting the turns just right and ended up not needing to pit, which allowed him to maintain a sizable lead.  Steve ran his tire heavy car, but it couldn't keep him on the track in the long run as he came in third.  I took second with Jake racking up a 'did not finish'.

The second game of the evening Pandemic.  We played on 'easy' with the core epidemics on the first one.  The team did pretty well as we won with zero cards in the draw pile.  The second game we added the Viral Epidmics from the "On the Brink" expansion, and it did a pretty effective job of killing us all dead.  Very sad.  The players were Steve, Jake, JD, and myself.

The third game was Apples to Apples, a solid party game that had most in attendance playing.  Suzanne's friend Will took the top apples for the prize.

The fourth game was Ninja Burger by Steve Jackson Games.  It was pretty cute, simplistic, but cute.  Surprised they haven't come out with a Pirate Pizza competitor to be honest. It was a pretty cut throat game, but Will came up on top again.

We finished up with Figaro, which is a interesting take on 'crap on your neighbor' style card game.  It is played in three rounds of scoring so if you do bad in one round, you have a chance in the other two.  It was fun and quick and I took the win.

I took off after that through the snow and got home around 1130ish or so.  It was a good plesent evening of gaming.


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