Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Khador Vs. Cygnar times two

On Tuesday Erik and I played a pair of 15 point games of Warmachie MkII.  He played his Siege list that includes a Ironclad, Gun Mage Adepts Unit, Jr. Warcaster and either a Charger (game 1) or a Sentinel (game 2).

Game one I played Butcher, Berserker, Juggernaut, 3 Man of War Shocktroopers, & a Manhunter.  Erik did a good job of neutralizing the manhunter early with the powerful attack on the charger, he also got good use out of Siege's Force Hammer spell, knocking down both 'Jacks, but he forgot about the Shake It Off, with focus, allowing the Juggernaut to stand up, with two remaining focus, under Butcher's feat and his spell that allows free charge/boosting...  It ended up with a squished Siege.  He also used the GMA to keep knocking back the 'Jacks, slowing their advance.

Game two I played Irusk with Juggernaut, 3 Man of War, full Winterguard, and Manhunter.  In this game it was close, with everything dieing on my side except the Jugernaught that I kept running with Superiority into Siege's face and two of his GMA that were being stubborn.  In the end Siege charged Irusk, couldn't finish the job, so Irusk kept all seven focuse, but couldn't finish the job either, allowing Siege to make Irusk go splat.

Good games!  Thanks Erik.

I feel MkII a rumbling!

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