Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Night Warmachine

Turn out was still low given our pre-Mk II events kicking in at the Shoppe, but Phillip and I played a pair of MkII Prime only games using the new rule book.

Round One was Kreoss vs. Vlad - I put Vlad and his Jacks a little to far out in front and they got knocked down with Kreoss' feat, but luckily I got good use out of the Shake it off rule.  Still didn't matter in the end as he took several rocket shots then Kreoss was able to thread the needle to squish Vlad dead.  Very sad.

Round Two Testament vs. Sorcha - Wash repeat...  New Testament is going to get more play I think in the long run.  I again got my caster shot first, then stabbed by Temple Flame Guard that Big T brought back with his feat.  I never even got to pop Sorcha's.

I like the MkII stuff so far, I just got to figure out how to play the new Khador stuff.

Bing Bing


Paul said...

You'll get it figured out. Just don't do it until after I get a chance to play you....just kidding. How many points did you guys play?

Adam said...

I'm also curious.

Also, did you ever settle on your caster for the Paint & Play? I understand that you can change throughout the course of the event, but I, myself, am planning on sticking with Sorscha as much as possible.

JP's Geek Life said...

Hey Paul - is was a 35 point game. So what the new 'average game will be.

Adam - I have not decided on a mainstay. I may have to pick up the new Butcher figure... I don't know...