Friday, January 15, 2010

Late Night Prep

The Mid War Monsters tournament is tomorrow morning, so I've been madly painting trying to get the Italians at least looking presentable.  I've also been doing some research for the 'background' or fluff for the unit I'm playing.  I decided to go with an intelligence report (Technique and Tactics) on the Italian Reconnaissance Forces and printed it in booklet form.  I think it turned out pretty well.  If I figure out a way to share it I'll do that.

My force is here:
L6/40 - 4 stands  at 120

Combat Platoons
Armor Car - AB41 - 4 stands at 125
Lt Tank - L6/40 - 5 stands at 150
Motociclisti Platoon -  5 stands at 115
 W/ Passaglia Bombs at 10
Motociclisti MG Platoon - 5      stands at 140

P40 - 4 stands at 385

Anti-tank - 47/32 Platoon - 4 stands at 185
Carri -  M14/41 - 5 stands at 300
Anti-tank - Lancia da 90/53     - 2 stands at 220

Total   1750

It is a pretty heavy recon list, but I thought four combat platoons was pretty good.

I'll let you know how the games go.



Adam said...

Dan said he saw you there on Saturday. How'd you fair?

Daimyo said...


Your Technique and Tactics booklet has certainly raised the bar on unit histories. Now I'm going to have to gather all the Capitano's histories together and make them into a war journal or some such just to compete!

Never mind the quality paint job you managed to throw together...

JP's Geek Life said...

I ended up 1-2 for the three games. I'll update details later, but Game One really was stacked against me, Game Two was stacked for me, and Game Three was against Tigers...