Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti Fund Raiser at RPG Drive

Interesting concept.

Give $20 at RPG Drive on donations to Doctors without Boarders, get $1400+ in PDF products.  This actually is a great concept for the companies that are donating their products to get them in the hands of those that might otherwise pass on them due to an unknown name/pdf prejudice/etc.

It looks like the RPG download is being overun with folks and clogged up their intertubes for downloads, so if you do go, you may have to wait a day or two to start downloading all the goodies.

I glanced through the list, a few gems in the mix, a few duds, but I will most likely support and see what they all look like.

$20 is cheap in the long run


Tony said...

There are some gems in here I really like the inclusion of the Serenity Role Playing Game, Dork Covenant, & WorldWorksGames terrain. WoldWorksGames' Uncharted Space in particular might come in handy if we can ever resurrect that old starship combat game. :)


JP's Geek Life said...

You are right on the gems. I just reliable word that the Bash Superhero game would actually translate to miniatures very well.

The Woldworks alone are worth the price as those are very nicely done.


Tony said...

Oh yeah, I looked over the Bash system...that could go well with some of the Pulp City minis. I've always liked those figs.

Easy $20 donation...I look forward to downloading a lot of new stuff that I don't have to make shelf space for.