Sunday, January 17, 2010

Italians on the roll

On Saturday I got to participate in the first Flames of War event of the year down at the Game Shoppe.  It was Paul's first tournament as an organizer and he did a real stand up job on keeping the games rolling and players in line.   We had 12 participants with an equal split between axis and allies.  One Italian (Me!), five Germans, six Americans.

Round One: I played Mick's American Infantry, but the scenario had delayed reserve rules in effect, meaning half my army wouldn't be on the table until much later in the game.  In fact, I never got two platoons on the board and I lost due to attrition, unable to stop the big heavy monster's that Mick brought.  I lost more then 50% of my platoons and my CO was dead, so everyone that was left fled.  Loss at 5-2

Round Two: The scenario was about the Mid War Monster breaking down and having to go rescue it before your opponent got it off the table.  I won the attacker roll, so it gave me a bit of an advantage for the scenerio, but the mobile reserves put a pinch on my first round forces...  P40's and L6's...  That was it.  The Heavy Machine Gun Motorcycle Platoon came on turn two, but nothing else until turn four or five.  Luckly for me the P40's were able to take out Eric's Monsters and thier platoon before it moved, forcing his infantry company to slog across the table.  It was a very close game early on while I was out manned, but Eric, despite trying hard, had his dice betray him, allowing me to reorganize and push in with a tank assault.  Win at 5-2

Round Three: Again with the reserves!   It would have been nice to fight a battle with the troops I brought.  I played Rob who had to Tiger Monsters.  The goal was for him to capture one of two objectives on my side of the board.  I lost this game due to breaking with out a CO again, but I killed two Tigers which was a win in my book.  The hero of the game for me was the P40 CO that became the Unknown hero, rallied his platoon to allow the P40 a desperte shot at the back of the second Tiger to take it out of the game...  Of course, he died shortly after, but hey, that is OK.

I did a history.  I thought it was pretty good, and the guys seemed to like it.  I've posted it up in Google Docs, but the formating got a bit messed up and you loose the appeal a bit since I printed it on card stock in booklet format.   I think that helped me with best historical (I think that is what it was) which is a combo of painting (fully painted baby!), history, and sportsmanship.  I was pretty stocked, but will likely funnel the $20 into new Khador stuff (or Cygnar stuff) for Warmachine. :)

Avanti! (Crap...  I forgot to do that that the entire tournament!  Dang!)


Adam said...
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Adam said...

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Sounds like a good time!

I'm fascinated by the histories of the lesser Axis allies like Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania & Slovakia (with Finland technically being a co-belligerent). The problem is, I also like tanks, and tanks, they didn't have (in timely quality or high supply).

I saw someone down at the Shoppe has started painting a Hungarian force with Nimrod's and Toldi's. A nice change of pace from the German and American armies I constantly see.