Thursday, January 7, 2010

The New Merc Contracts are Here, The New Merc Contracts are Here!


Privateer Press has posted a PDF with the new Mercenary Contracts for Warmachine MkII.  They, in general, look pretty cool.

The Four Star Syndicate didn't see any real changes, which is fine, it was pretty straight forward anyways.

The Highborn Covenent got much better, simply by adding a unit Gun Mages or Long Gunners, both of which can take attachments.  You can now paint up those Order of the Rose Lael Gun Mages you always wanted to do.  Sweet!

The Seaforge keeps the same goodies, but instead of advance deploy, they get an extra 4" on the deployment zone.  That should help with the general movement/mobility issues for those stunty legged folks.

Talon Charter - Didn't see any big changes here.

Magnus' Agenda gets moved from a Contract to a 'Theme Army' that has a bunch of bonuses, depending on how thematic you get with your choices.  Neat things like Mag's Jacks can start with upkeep spells running in advance of the game or units getting pathfinder for the first turn.  Pretty nifty stuff.

Makes me miss my merc already since I'm running Khador for the slow grow league.

one if by land, two if by sea


Paul said...

The change to the Highborn Contract makes it real tempting to do Mercs instead of Cygnar for the Slow Grow. Which do you see as a bigger addition? Gun Mages or the Long Gunners?

Adam said...

Both are solid choices, but the Gunmages are probably more self-sufficient (with UA).

I'm REAL excited about those Gunmages!


Paul said...

So am I. Though I haven't played much in WM the last few years, the storyline for the Llael resistance has been one of my favorite story arcs. With the current changes, it's enough to make me reconsider my choice of Cygnar for the Slow Grow.

JP's Geek Life said...

The Gunmages are super flavorful. I'm not sure how the Long Gunners fit in, but I bet you could work them in as either Llael regulars or a lost detachment of cygnar...

I like the Gunmages as an addition, with the Unit Leader, he keeps 'Jack Marshall and I assume he gets a Merc Jack. Either a mule, but better yet a Mariner with Rune Shot? MMMmmm...


Adam said...

I'm also pretty stoked about adding a Lt, Sniper and 3 Grenade Porters to my Loyalist Trenchers.