Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mk II Saturday

With the new card decks in for Mark II we had a bit of a feeding frenzy playing today.

We had about a dozen players from 11 to 6 at the Shoppe.  I got to play three games with Irusk, which was fun.

Game 1 versus Pat's Legion.  I had Irusk, Berserker, Juggernaut, Full Winter Guard  Pat had Lilith, four Shredders, Carnivian.  I rushed forward, while Pat set up the Shredders on my left flank, moving Lilith and Carnivian wide to the left.  My Juggernaut had Superiority on him, and the WG kept running up.  Two Shredders engaged the Berserker and they tied each other up for most of the game.  The Juggy ran into Lilith's face, forcing her to move away, while the Carnivian moved forward to engage, and the wreck the 'Jack.  In the end, it was Irusk failing three of four attack rolls versus the Carnivian, allowing Lilith to heal him and letting him loose to squish him flat.

Game 2 versus Adam's Merc list.  Another bloody mix.  We pumped the points up to 25 and I added Kovnik Joe, Widowmakers, and a 3 man MoW Shocktrooper.  Adam had Mags, a Renegade, a Mangler, 10 trenchers, and 6 Crow's.  The Mangler with new spell from Mags that replaced Fury was just mean.  After getting shot by Crow's, I ran the MoW to engage, while Kovnik Joe and the WG went to the Trenchers.  The Renegade's obliterator shot hit Irusk, but it was on the feat turn and I wasn't knocked down, which is always nice.  In the end, Adam took a chance with Mags, stepping out of combat to try and shoot Irusk, but loosing the aiming bonus hurt and he missed.  I had the Juggernaught step to Mag's to finish the day.

Game 3 versus Paul's Merc List.  Paul was running Ashlynn, Mule, Vanguard, Precursor's with attachment.  I had the core list, but could add Kovnik Joe in.   Biggest lesson learned on this fight is that Ashlynn is very capable assassin in MkII.  Look out for that 11" charge under her feat, it was just ouch!

Great having the turn out and hopefully we have a gone one next week.
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Adam said...

I was so excited about that almost kill. I can't believe I forgot to check if I was engaged or not. I have a tool I bought specifically for that!

JP's Geek Life said...

I really didn't think Mag's was going to shot Irusk in the face and I thought he was safe... I knew I moved those Shocktroopers up for a reason!